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Points of View Reference Center

One of the best ways to find reliable information is to find a source that provides both sides of the argument. Points of View Reference Center is a database with points, counterpoints, and an overview of current events and problems. You can search for magazine, newspaper, and journal articles as well as graphics from valid resources.

INFOhio ISearch and Your School Library Catalog

Begin searching the INFOhio resources with ISearch and find books, videos, database articles, and encyclopedia articles by clicking each tab. Log in with your district’s user name and password to access books, videos, and eBooks from your school’s library on the My Library tab. You can find your district username and password by Choosing “Get Password” at the bottom of the INFOhio home page. 

Talking to Databases

Can’t find the results you’re looking for in a database? Don’t give up! With thousands of articles, abstracts, and primary sources, databases are a treasure trove of information. Using the right keywords unlocks a wealth of information. Let this video from Kent State University show you how to talk to databases. 

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