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Author: go2admin

Get Your Drive Organized!

It’s easy to get organized using Google Drive. Use this checklist to help categorize, label, and personalize the information you have collected for your projectAccess and download this PDF to help you evaluate whether this resource is what you need for your topic. Sign into your Google Account to save a copy of this document to your Google Drive. 

World Book Student

Encyclopedias are a great place to start gathering information. The articles are short and you will get a quick overview of what you know and need to know about your topic. You can also use World Book Student to view videos and images, read current events, and analyze maps and timelines. 

Points of View Reference Center

One of the best ways to find reliable information is to find a source that provides both sides of the argument. Points of View Reference Center is a database with points, counterpoints, and an overview of current events and problems. You can search for magazine, newspaper, and journal articles as well as graphics from valid resources.