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Group Roles
Figuring out who completes tasks during a group project can be difficult. To make this easier, assign group roles, so everyone knows their responsibilities. Use this group roles document from Magnify Learning as an example of various roles that can be assigned to group members during your group project. 
Tips for Online Students to Work Successfully in Virtual Groups
Struggling to communicate and collaborate with your classmates in a virtual classroom? Take a look at these tips and take your online communication and collaboration skills to the next level!
Group Project Task List
Decide with your team before you start who will do what and when it will be done. Use this Microsoft Office Template to fill in task priorities. 
Group Project Contract Template
Working with a team requires agreeing to talk about how members will communicate and participate before the project starts. Click on Open to download the document to your computer. Or visit Carnegie Mellon Univerisity: Sample Group Project Tools to browse the collection of templates.