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Working in Groups
Oh no! Not another group project! Don't worry, you got this! Check out this video with strategies to help you, and your group work together. Follow the link to access a transcript of the video, find links to helpful tools to support group work in a remote learning environment, and test your collaboration skills with a short quiz. 
Tips for Online Students to Work Successfully in Virtual Groups
Struggling to communicate and collaborate with your classmates in a virtual classroom? Take a look at these tips and take your online communication and collaboration skills to the next level!
Project Team Contract
Working with a team requires agreeing to talk about how members will communicate and participate before the project starts. You can download this contract from the Buck Institute for Education to promise to listen, remember due dates, and work hard.  
Project Management Log
Decide with your team before you start who will do what and when it will be done. Download this organizational chart from the Buck Institute for Education to help your team work together better.