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Enhance, crop and resize pictures for your project with Aviary.  You can also adjust color and correct for red eye and more.  Aviary is available on the web and also as a free app for Android and iOS.  
Google Slides
Create your project and share it with your team using Google Slides. Embed videos, graphics, and links to help your audience interact and engage with your solutions.   
Create presentations, how-to videos, or responses to questions using this screencast and video site. Easily record and share your findings.       
Adobe Spark
Create graphics, websites, and visual stories with Adobe Spark. Add the results to your final project.  
Shadow Puppet
Create videos, slideshows, or presentations that can be shared easily. Shadow Puppet is an app that works on both iOS and Android devices.
Create interactive presentations that tell a story. Prezi presents information in a visual design.    
Practice your design skills and create posters, social media posts, and presentations using Canva. Embed awesome designs in your project to add visual impact and share your information.    
Copyright-friendly pictures to use in your project. Add visuals with safe, free images.   
Create and edit videos and make memes with Kapwing. Simple and easy tool to help you share your findings.       
Looking for sound effects you can use in your project to emphasize or engage? Find royalty-free and Creative Commons-licensed sound clips such as wind sounds, laugh sounds, nature sounds, scary sounds and even gross sounds and more in WAV and MP3 formats. The license information is given for each sound, so don't forget to give them credit. 

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