How do I begin my research?

How do I begin my research?

I need to organize my time!

When conducting a research project, it is important to organize your time to accomplish steps in the project.  The Remember the Milk app will help you remember when to do an important task, whether it is school-related or extracurricular.  This app is free for any iOS or Android device, Chromebook, or Kindle.




World Book Student

Start your project research here. The predictive search might even help you choose a topic because it shows examples of other related topics as you type in a search term.  Because the articles are short and give you a quick overview of your topic, you may be able to quickly find search terms for further research. You will find biographies, videos, current events, images, maps, and timelines in World Book Student. And you can create your own account to track and share your research, hear text read aloud, and even translate articles into more than 30 languages.

For a more advanced encyclopedia to start with try World Book Advanced.

I want to use Wikipedia!

Experts suggest that Wikipedia is a great place to start your research, "but a horrible place to end." Wikipedia can be a good tool to use when you start your research. You can gather background information and key words that will point you in the right direction.  This video will guide you in how to use Wikipedia to get started. 

Teachers, please see the Teacher's Guide for this section for some information on using Wikipedia with your students.

I need to develop a question to guide my research!

Some topics may require consideration for a specific angle to narrow broad ideas. The topic then becomes more interesting. This form will help you generate  a research question to stay focused. 

I need additional prompts to help develop my question!

Word prompts will assist you with deeper thinking to develop a good guiding question or a series of questions. Remember, an answer to a question is the research. 

I need to align my questions and resources to find answers!

Use this grid to record your questions to guide your research. List both those electronic and print resources that you will reference to find relevant information.


I need a brief topic overview and keyword synonyms!

This dictionary goes beyond the simple, straightforward definitions to offer quick access to more information including specialty definitions, synonyms, related articles, images, quotes, sentence examples.  


I need to get organized!

Get organized to take notes! Use this form to organize your notes and avoid plagiarizing.