How do I decide on a topic?

How do I decide on a topic?

I need to track my research process once I begin!

Use this  form to record your thoughts as you begin your research project. Refer often to the document to continually add new information as an update. 

I need help deciding on my topic!

There is such a large range of topics.  This interactive tool will aid you in thinking about what topic to engage and research. A list of suggested subtopics and questions are offered to prompt your inquiry.

I need to narrow my topic!

You may need to narrow your range of inquiry to become an expert in a particular topic. Choosing a narrower topic provides a clear focus for your research process. If you know a little about the specific topic, try generating research questions to aid your thinking. 

I need to record and organize my subtopics!

Use of this graphic organizer will help you organize your thinking around chosen subtopics and the need for supporting evidence. You can then use the information as an outline to guide your research.