How do I work with others in a group?

How do I work with others in a group?

I need to work with a partner, but we don't have time to meet!

Use Google Drive to share work with one or more people.  Create documents, spreadsheets, or presentations that can be editied by several people at the same time from different computers.  Google Drive makes sharing files easy and makes group work a cinch.  The revision history buttom allows you to see who made what changes and when they made them.

My group needs to make a flowchart!

This site gives you the tools to help your group plan your project in a flowchart. Work together to organize your ideas, websites, images and videos as you find them.



My group needs to share websites!

How can I create a spot for my group to save and share websites for our project? Use Diigo to share bookmarks and even add notes and highlights on the sites. Create a unique tag or keyword for your project so everyone can save bookmarks to access later from any computer.


My group needs to share our research project resources and we can't use social bookmarking sites at school !

Use EBSCO folders to save magazine articles from Explora or other EBSCO databases for your group. These folders won't be blocked at school and are accessible at home too. Create a folder for your group and add users to share the folder.





We need a web space where we can work together!

Do you need to share content, create a journal, post ideas, work together?  Then a wiki is just the tool for you.  In a wiki you can post, publish, share, embed video, audio, images.  You can even customize your look!


My group wants to work together to create a website for our project!

Google Sites will let you do that.  Set up a Google Account with a gmail account or other email account.  Add your group members' email addresses so they can work on the site too.  For help check out the Google Support Site.