How do I organize my work?

How do I organize my work?

I need help planning my time for the project!

Get your project done on time! Try using this infographic with tips on how to organize your time and avoid procrastination. Simple tips like knowing yourself and planning for obstacles are just a couple of the easy ways you can plan ahead and get your work done on time!


I need to organize my ideas for an essay!

Use this interactive essay map from Read, Write, Think to outline your thoughts. Download the form and fill in your outline or fill it in online and print it out. Once you fill it out, you will see where you need to have more supporting information.


I need to brainstorm!

You can use to make a mind map of your research or organize it graphically? Register to save your work or use it without registering. Save your file or embed it in a webpage.


What a mess! I need help organizing all of my notes!

If you don't do well organizing your notes on notecards, try Evernote and do it online. And, Evernote helps plagiarize proof your work! Highlight and save webpages with notes, save pictures and maps and even share with a group. Access your notes online anywhere. Watch the help videos, check out the guide. There is even an app!  You need to be 13 to sign up for an Evernote account.


I need to organize all of my web resources!

If you have articles from newspapers, journals, encyclopedias and websites, and need to keep track of them, create an account in Diigo. Then just save all of your project bookmarks here with tags (subjects) so you can easily find them from any computer.





I need help taking notes, but I can't do it online!

If you are taking notes on note cards, here are some tips to help you be more effective and plagiarize proof your work. Use these tips and your notes will almost write your paper for you. 

I need a place to save articles I find and I can't use social bookmarking sites at school!

If you found great articles that you want to easily find again without searching, try setting up a personal or group account in Explora or other EBSCO databases to get a personal folder.



I need to access my stuff from anywhere!

You can save project documents, images, videos and more in Dropbox to access at home, school or on a smart phone.  Set up an account and download Dropbox on your own computer. You can access it at school from the website.  It even saves all of your versions of documents. Download the free app for your Droid or iPhone. 

I need to organize my notes online!

Use Google Drive to help you organize your notres from various resources.  Create a folder that will contain your notes, and create a new document in the folder for each resource you use.  Name them, share them with your teacher, and revise them as needed.  Your Google Drive makes it easy to access anywhere!

I need to edit my pictures!

You can enhance, crop and resize your pictures with Aviary.  You can also adjust color and correct for red eye and more.  Aviary is available on the web and also as a free app for Android and iOS.