How do I find valid information?

How do I find valid information?

I need information for my report!

Your first stop for research should be your school library. Check out the library collection using the online catalog. Library collections contain books, magazines, multimedia and MORE! One way to find your school library catalog is to choose your school from this list of districts.  If you login with your school district username and password, you may be able to search your library catalog from the INFOhio site! To find your school district username and password, complete the Get My Password form.

Click below to download a PDF that will show you how to search your library catalog.

I don't know which INFOhio resource to use!

Begin searching the INFOhio resources with ISearch and find out which databases have information about your topic.  You might also find books in your library catalog when you use ISearch!

I need magazine articles, journal articles, and encyclopedias!
You're in luck. INFOhio databases contain all the kinds of sources you need for academic research: peer-reviewed journal articles, reference books, newspaper articles, and primary sources. Even better, they are available online any time, anywhere. If you're at school, just click any of the links below, and you're there. If you're at home, you'll need a username and password. Talk to your school librarian or teacher to get it.

I need to be a better Googler!

Use this infographic to learn how to Google it, from finding specific newspaper articles, to locating statistics.   Get more from your Google search with the tips and tricks from this resource.


 I need free pictures!

Find pictures licensed for you to use in projects and even modify as long as you give credit to your source. The Behold Search Engine searches more than one million Creative Commons licensed images on Flickr. Perfect tool if your teacher requires you to use Creative Commons images in your multimedia.

I need a science expert!

From Astronomy to Weather, you will find links to get answers from real experts on those hard-to-answer science questions. Coordinated by the Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education.

I need legal sound effects for my project!

Looking for sound effects you can use in your project? Find royalty free and Creative Commons licensed sound clips such as wind sounds, laugh sounds, nature sounds, scary sounds and even gross sounds and more in WAV and MP3 formats.  Browse and download great sounds from SoundBible.  The license information is given for each sound, so don't forget to give them credit.