How do I decide what information will answer my question?

How do I decide what information will answer my question?

I can't tell if these are facts or just someone's opinions!

Then ask these questions about your information sources to help you determine if they are facts from a expert or just someone promoting a particular point of view.

I found some primary sources on my topic, but I'm not sure they will work for my research!

Try analyzing the documents using this form from the Library of Congress. 

Observe: Use this section to record what interesting information you found on the document. 

Reflect: Then ask yourself questions such as: Why do you think somebody made this?  Who do you think was the intended audience? Why do you think this item is important?  Record your ideas about the document in the Reflect section.

Question: What more do you wonder about? How does this primary source support your research?  Record your thoughts  in the Question section.

Further Investigation: Use this section to record possible search terms and resources if you need to search for further primary sources for your project

I need to know how to analyze!

Working on a science project or working with some scientific data? Use some charts and graphs to analyze your scientific data and patterns. This site from Science Buddies has lots of tips to help you with your statistics.