How do I present my project?

How do I present my project?

I need to learn how to note my quotes!

Choose a player and join the game to learn how to plagiarize proof your assignment.

I need to cite my sources!

Just need one or two quick citations? Use Purdue OWL's Research and Citation Resources for help.

I need to create a book citation FAST!

Just type the ISBN number on a book into OttoBib and create a citation in MLA, APA or Chicago form.

How can I create a citation in my Word document?

If you aren't sure how to format a citation in your Microsoft Word document, this document will walk you through it step-by-step.

I need to present my ideas on a multi-media platform!

Buncee is a simple-to-use tool that allows you to create presentations with videos, text, photos, audio, and links in one colorful space.  You can create a presentation that will show your audience all the information you have learned using this fun site or app.

I need an app to help me present my project.

Shadow Puppet is an app that works on both iOS and Android devices.  Use Shadow Puppet to present pictures in video format and include narration and text with the swipe of a finger.  Your presentation is recorded and can be exported, embedded, or shared easily.


I need a creative way to show important terms and important concepts!

Use Wordle to graphically analyze text on websites, in poetry or from any text such as newspapers and speeches.  The word cloud shows which words are most prominent in the passage.  You can tweak the word cloud colors and layouts.




I need to create a wiki!

Do you need to share content, create a journal,  post ideas, work with with others online?  Then a wiki is just the tool for you.  In a wiki you can post, publish, share, embed video, audio, images.  You can even customize your look!


I need to create a video (but I don't have a video camera)!

Create a digital story using video, images, music and voice.  Layout your story with a digital storyboard.  


I need to create a PowerPoint!

PowerPoint is a popular way to present research projects.  OhioMeansJobs K-12 provides beginning and advanced tutorials on using PowerPoint.  To access:

1. Follow the INFOhio link to OhioMeansJobs K-12.
2. Next to Computer Skills, click the Get Started button.
3. Click the link for Business Software Skills and then Making Interesting Presentations. Choose a tutorial and begin.

Note:  You are not required to log in to use the tutorials, but it is strongly recommended that you create your own account and sign into your OhioMeansJobs K-12 backpack to save your work.


I need to create a slick looking timeline!

Use Dipity to create a timeline to enhance your project.


I need to make a video!

Combine clips and images together into an online video using this free Internet tool, Masher.





I need to make an online poster!

Glogster has several presentation tools including an online-shared roster.  You need to create an account to use the free presentation tools.