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Who, what, where, when, why, how. If you have questions, IWonder has answers. This collection of websites and digital resources is a great place to start if you want to explore a topic or solve a problem. Browse questions and narrow down your topic with each click. 
Sometimes, what is happening in the world around us can create many questions. Use this current events site to help you think more about the problem you want to solve and the right questions to ask. You can create an account and comment, chat, and save your favorites.  
Think Tank
So many problems to solve! If you need help narrowing your problem or asking the right question, use Think Tank. Use your topic and choose suggestions to develop focused questions to help you solve your problem. 
Question Pick 'N' Mix
What question will you answer? Sign into your Google account, and make a copy of, or print this Google doc, and develop up to three questions that will help you find more information to solve your problem. 
Narrowing My Topic
You may need to narrow your topic to solve your problem. Choosing a narrower topic provides a clear focus to answer questions. Sign into your Google account, and make a copy of, or print this Google doc and narrow your topic to focus on the specific problem you want to solve.