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Google Keep
Never lose another website URL with Google Keep! Just copy and paste URLs on to a note. You can pin, set reminders, and organize with labels.
Get Your Drive Organized!
It's easy to get organized using Google Drive. Use this checklist to help categorize, label, and personalize the information you have collected for your project.Access and download this PDF to help you evaluate whether this resource is what you need for your topic. Sign into your Google Account to save a copy of this document to your Google Drive.
Patterns of Organization - Mapping Where Your Information Goes
Now that you have found information to solve your problem or support your ideas, you can use this document to help organize it. Find out the best pattern to use and then fill in the chart to help you prepare to create your final project!Select Opento view the Google Doc. From File, select Make a Copy and save a copy of this document to your Google Drive. Or, select File, chooseDownload and selectMicrosoft Word to get an editable version of this document.
Transfer your notes into a visual format to organize your learning and prepare for your final project. Watch this video to learn the basics of sketchnoting.
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