How do I publish my work?

How do I publish my work?

I need to create an online profile that my friends won't hack!

Dig into this Profile Publisher and learn what to include to create an online reputation that is positive and keeps you safe.


I need to share my collection of project resources!

Use Blendspace to curate your collection of websites, videos, articles, images and files. Add notes. Share information or present your project. To use Blendspace you will have to ask your teacher to create an account for you.


I need to create an infographic!

Use to create cool infographics to illustrate your project. Use's templates, elements and visual objects or create your own!


Quick! I need to share my work!

Use Jing to capture your screen and instantly publish it to share with others.  Share photos or share computer screen shots. You can even create a how-to video by capturing your screen and recording audio. 

Learn with one of the Jing tutorials.


I need to share my video!

Publish your video at SchoolTube.  Be sure you review the SchoolTube Safety FAQ and Policy before creating an account and beginning your publication.


I need to share my presentation!

Upload your presentation,documents and professional videos to SlideShare to share your work with the world.   You can also exchange comments with others in the SlideShare community.

I need to create and share a website!

Create a Google Site and share your work and ideas in your own created site.  Read more about Google Sites and watch the video here.